So a little about me.


I picked up my first dSLR way back in 2007, with this I started to snap away, getting used to the way things look through a lens. I took my time finding what interested me and allowed me to be creative. My skills and interests started to develop rapidly and I soon found myself getting in to some awkward and wonderful situations with nothing but my camera. Early in 2008 I was introduced in to the world of Urban Exploration, this was overwhelming. With so many places in the UK being derelict, abandoned and aged there was much work ahead of me capturing all of these places in my own unique way.

Focusing on live music and my new found hobby of Urban Exploration I snapped thousands upon thousands of images taking my camera everywhere with me. Becoming more professional by the day I thought it was about time to start looking in to a career with my camera. Constantly striving to be the best, to get the best it leaves me finding ever challenging myself.

Today I am found hanging off the edge of a rock face, under ground or at the front of a stage with a childish grin on my face and camera in hand. It is a lifestyle I choose and more importantly, a lifestyle I enjoy! I currently own and run the Kontrol Group of companies, one of which is thePhotoShoot.